Arca Noae

Arca Noae Arca Noae, LLC is a company dedicated to maintaining and developing new and existing software, drivers, and services for the OS/2 operating system, including all OS/2 derivatives, such as eComStation (or eCS, for short). IBM stopped supporting OS/2 at the end of 2006, however many companies and individuals are still using OS/2 and eCS. Arca Noae products can be ordered from the Mensys website. Personal edition The Personal version is intended for private users, students and private developers. The ACPI driver, USB drivers and Panorama graphics driver may only be used on a maximum of 5 systems with the personal edition. Commercial edition The Commercial edition is intended for enterprises, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. It is priced per-system (one physical workstation or server, or one active virtual machine), with volume discounts available. In addition, the commercial edition entitles the subscribing entity to prioritized support and elevated consideration of feature and enhancement requests, as well as requests for new packages. More about Arca Noae Arca Noae works closely with the OS/2 community of private users, developers, and enterprises. Our developers, consultants, and business partners have used OS/2 for years and continue to do so. Arca Noae is an integral part of the OS/2 community; our primary focus is on products and services for OS/2-based operating systems, so you are assured that you are getting the best possible service and expertise for OS/2 from Arca Noae. In addition, we use other operating systems because we know how important it is to connect OS/2 to other operating systems, under the theory of “using the right tool for the job.” Although Arca Noae charges fees for some of its products, the vast majority of the net proceeds from such sales are put back into further development and support for the OS/2 platform.